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Paintpot publishing was established as the launchpad for artist-writer Kim Raymond, and in late September his first picture book for the under fives will be available from local book stores and online. All and any feedback as well as young children's experiences and thoughts are all welcome using the contact link above. Our children's books aim to be relevant yet not anchored to the gritty reality that awaits them.


The Dragon that Caught a Cold is a charming story of Josh, Alfie's pet dragon.

It explores the experiences of catching a cold in a novel way, and as Alfie nurses Josh through a muzzy head, the shivers and a runny nose they encounter a problem they've never had before. What happens when a dragon sneezes?

We find out through a series of fires and explosions until in desperation Alfie takes Josh to the park to keep him safely away from damaging anything.

And, all thanks to Josh, that's where the fun starts.

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© Kim Raymond

Kim Raymond's entry below voted 6th place in the February competion of The 11 Second Club.



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